Protein sequence analysis

Use the ChiBio sequence analysis service for projects involving:

Access expertly curated analysis that cannot be obtained simply by searching the public domain resources.

Provide your protein sequence, or DNA/RNA sequence for translations, and receive a report summarising database search hits using BLAST against standard protein and genomic databases or against our own non-redundant database; pattern hits from PRINTS, ProSite etc.; review of predicted structure/function relationships with assessments of confidence; summary of relevant literature. Multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetic analysis and analysis of multiple sequences are available.

Larger projects for >10 sequences can be configured with a licence to TargetBASE® for ease of access.

Costs are assessed on a per project basis and are tailored to the information required by the client. Email us at ChiBio to request a sample report or see the contact page for phone details to discuss your project and how ChiBio might help.

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